Reaching Here – ISKCON Medchal, Hyderabad

Public Bus

Bus number 229 from Ranigunj bus depot and Secunderabad railway station offers direct service to Medchal. From Medchal several buses ply for Dabilpur Village. ISKCON Hyderabad  farm is just a 5 minute walk from the bus drop point.


  1. Take the road from Paradise circle (Secunderabad) heading towards Kompally.
  2. Once in Kompally, continue on the main road towards Medchal.
  3. ISKCON – New Naimisaranya (Hyderabad farm) is located 6 km from the Medchal town.
  4. So once you reach Medchal, proceed on the Nagpur highway for another 6 km after which you would see a ISKCON arch gate on to your left.
  5. Enter the arch gate and head straight until you cross the Dabilpur railway station.
  6. After you cross the railway station, turn right and continue straight for about 700 m and you would see the temple on your right

Total Journey time: 40 minutes

Local Train

Local shuttle trains are available from the Secunderabad station.  You need to get down at the Dabilpur station, you could reach the temple from the station either by using the autorickshaws available or by taking a leisure walk (5 minutes) along the country-scape.