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Cow Milk for Your Home

ISKCON_Cow_protectionIn the Rig Veda Cow milk is described as Amrita or nectar. Several great Ayurvedic authorities such as Charak, Danavantari extol the greatness of cow milk which is sweet to taste, dense but light and easily digestible, prevents several varieties of minor and major diseases and provides one with spiritual energy.

Recent scientific studies have found that 250 ml of cow milk provides 22% to 29% daily recommended intake (DRI) of calcium for an adult. The cow milk also offers:

  • Vitamins D and K, essential for bone health
  • Iodine, essential for Thyroid function
  • Vitamin B12 and riboflavin, essential for cardiovascular health and energy functions
  • Vitamin A, critical for immune function.

The cows at ISKCON Medchal are treated with love and stay in a spacious and clean atmosphere. This not only induces them to produce more milk but also better quality.

You can place your request for pure cow milk from ISKCON Medchal’s goshala for your home using the form on the left side and we will get back to you at the earliest.

Or you may also call on this number:

Srivatsa Das – Temple President.

Mobile : +91 94400 57263