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Goshala at ISKCON Medchal, Hyderabad


In the year 2009 the ISKCON devotees began Krishna Balarama Goshala in Medchal, Hyderabad with only 4 cows, the number today has increased to 150 and is expected to reach 300 in next few years.

Krishna Balarama Goshala in Hyderabad is one of the most unique and well maintained where personal attention and care is given each Cow, with separate special zones allocated for Bulls, Cows, Calves and milking Cows. Pregnant Cows are offered special diet and care to ensure proper health of the Cow and the calf. Here the cows are treated as one of the family members and all due care is given to them. None of the cows or bulls are sold or given away from the Goshala and all the cattles are served for their entire lifetime.

The health status of each and every Cow is noted on a daily basis and is logged for long term monitoring. To ensure proper medical care a veterinary doctor visits the Goshala regularly and is locally available in case of all emergency situations. Apart from providing clean hygienic surroundings, fresh water and ventilation, great care is taken with regards to their diet. Proper nutrition is provided in the form of kadba, corn, tuar and wheat barn. Lucerne grass, Yeshwant grass, Paragrass to provide very good nutrition for our Cows.

With 7 people serving the Cows round the clock, it is ensured that all timely requirements are taken care off. With a view to provide excellent facilities for Cows and setting world class standards in Cow care, the Krishna Balarama Goshala is also coming up with a new Goshala with rope free zones, fresh water, special calf care and many other practical considerations.

The visitors have regularly commented that the cows at ISKCON Goshala in Hyderabad appear more joyful and content than in other places.

The calves are given the first priority for drinking the milk and after they are satisfied does the milking process begin.

The cow milk is offered to Sri Sri Krishna Balarama and are also converted into several other edibles which are offered as bhoga. The rest of the milk is distributed in Hyderabad – Secunderabad region.


Request Cow Milk in Hyderabad

Ahimsa and Happy Cow Milk for You

ISKCON offers pure cow milk in Hyderabad through its Goshala in Medchal. This milk from happy cows is ahimsa in nature, i.e, milk from cows that are taken care for their entire life and not sent to slaughterhouses.

The cows at ISKCON Medchal, Hyderabad are treated with love and stay in a spacious and clean atmosphere. This not only induces them to produce more milk but also better quality. The calves are always the first to drink the milk and once they are satisfied does the milking process begin. All cows are our Goshala are taken care for their entire lifetime which means that they are served even after they stop producing milk.

In the Rig Veda Cow milk is described as Amrita or nectar. Several great Ayurvedic authorities such as Charak, Danavantari extol the greatness of cow milk which is sweet to taste, dense but light and easily digestible, prevents several varieties of minor and major diseases and provides one with spiritual energy.

Recent scientific studies have found that 250 ml of cow milk provides 22% to 29% daily recommended intake (DRI) of calcium for an adult. The cow milk also offers:

  • Vitamins D and K, essential for bone health

  • Iodine, essential for Thyroid function

  • Vitamin B12 and riboflavin, essential for cardiovascular health and energy functions

  • Vitamin A, critical for immune function.

Goshala FAQ’s

How many cows does ISKCON temple in Medchal have?

The Goshala houses 146 cows and claves along with 4 bulls.

What is the daily schedule of the Goshala?

Every day early in the morning before sunrise, the cows are given a bath and the Goshala is cleaned. After that the cows are milked and then left for grazing in the fields. Once they are back in the shed, they are feed different items. Around 4 pm, the cows are again left to roam around, play and interact with each other.

What is the daily schedule of the Goshala?

The Goshala is located in Dabilpur village of Medchal, Hyderabad and is just a 25 minute drive from Bowenpally. For more information on driving locations and transport options, please click here.

I want to donate for Go seva and Go Puja. How can I do that?

You can personally  offer a puja to Go Mata by visiting her at the Goshala or if the situation doesn’t permit, you can do it online by using the donate option available here and we will offer the puja on your behalf and send home the prasad.

You may also call us on +919610950068

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